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Foot orthoses are prescribed for many conditions, many involving Pronation or flattening of the arches. Varying designs and materials may be used to provide one or more of the following features.


  • Provide mechanical support and correction

  • Relieve areas of excessive pressure by re-distributing pressure

  • Reduce shock or forces at heel contact with shock-absorbing materials.

  • Accommodate deformities with the use of soft, mouldable materials


Pre Fabricated Foot Orthoses

Pre fabricated foot orthoses are many and varied. Inlays can be used to provide shock absorption and distribute foot pressures evenly. 
We stock several Arch Support designs to provide support to the arches of the feet.


Night Splinting

Hallux Valgus Orthoses

Night Splinting

Custom Made Foot Orthoses

Custom Made Foot orthoses or Arch Supports are manufactured from plaster moulds. Material selection is important to achieve specific amounts of support or pressure relief. All of our custom foot orthoses are made on-site and can be turned around quickly if required.


Semi Rigid 

Semi Rigid foot orthoses are made from closed cell EVA’s of varying densities. Materials are flexible, lightweight and specifically selected to provide varying degrees of support or cushioning. Ease of adjustments and comfort are a feature of this style of foot othoses.



UCBL’s cup the heel providing maximum support for the pronated or collapsed arch foot type.



Rigid foot orthoses are made from various types of plastic or carbon fibre that are selected depending on the amount of flexibility or control required to treat the condition. Slimline design and low profile assist in fitting into footwear.

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