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Fracture care should be managed under the direction of your Doctor or Specialist.


Camwalker - Ankle Foot Orthosis

Camwalkers provide comfortable stabilisation for patients who have experienced foot or ankle injuries, or who are recovering from surgery. Incorporated Rocker Soles facilitate a safe and more natural walking pattern.
The Pneumatic liner option increases the immobilising effect.

  • Fixed – 90º

  • Range Of Motion

  • Pneumatic Liner


Fracture Bracing 

For Tibial, Fibular or Humeral fractures, traditional Sarmiento Fracture Bracing can be used to facilitate early movement of joints and graduated weight bearing.

Casting for Upper and Lower Limb Injuries or Fractures

Casts require a Doctors or Surgeons prescription.


Conservative Management

The conservative management of soft tissue injuries, fractures and orthopaedic conditions requires a broad range of high quality, clinically-effective products that are easy to use, cost-effective and maintain patient quality of life. 



Casts need particular care, possible complications and Instructions will be outlined at the time of casting.


Water Friendly

Casts that are Water Friendly for the treatment needs of patients requiring primary and/or secondary immobilisation through to post-healing rehabilitation. Materials used are mix of lightweight synthetic casting tapes and under padding that can be used in wet environments.


Over Cast Shoes

Over Cast Shoes protect toes, shield from moisture, provide shock absorption and protect the cast

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