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Assisting children with Orthopaedic Conditions or Disabilities is one of the specialties we offer at Geelong Orthotics. We work closely alongside the medical team that can include the Orthopaedic Surgeon, Paediatrician, Doctor, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and more importantly the child’s Parent or Carers. We assist both Private patients and Public patients via Barwon Health and the associated clinics.

Clients Include:

SCOPE clinics at Barwon Valley School.
Physiotherapy clinics for – Toe Walkers
DDH - Hip clinic (Developmental Dyplasia of the HIP) 
Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service (VPRS)

Foot Orthosis

Foot orthoses are mostly prescribed for children who over pronate (flattening of the arches). The best type of orthosis is often determined by the degree of pronation and control required to correct the posture. Orthosis range from a semi-rigid pre-fabricated arch support to the most controlling custom made Supra-Malleollar Orthosis (SMO)

Ankle Foot Orthoses - AFO’s

AFO's are mostly prescribed to control spasticity for children with Cerebral Palsy, foot drop for children with hemiplegia or children with low tone and hyper-mobility of the foot and ankle joints. Mostly always custom made from casts, AFO's are designed to maintain foot and ankle positioning or reduce the effects of spasticity. AFO's assist children to stand, walk or play more naturally or efficiently.

AFO’s are classified into:
Rigid Ankle
Total Contact design – Total Contact AFO's
Hip Orthoses for Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip - DDH

DDH means the ball of the hip either comes out of the socket or the socket has not developed properly. DDH is often managed in bracing to hold the upper leg and hip in a specific position for a period of time until the hip forms correctly or the instability has reduced.
Several styles of bracing can be used for DDH depending on the age of the baby or the degree of the condition.

Pavlik Harness
Cuff and Bar
Hip Spica-
Abduction Brace
Von Rosen brace
Congenital Tallipes Equino-Varus (CTEV)

Commonly known as Clubfoot, CTEV is managed using the internationally regarded Ponsetti Method. As early as possible treatment begins with gentle manipulation and serial casting. Bracing with the Dennis Browne Boots and Bar often follows casting and is the standard orthosis to assist with re-positioning and stretching of the foot and ankle during the early stages of growth.

Boots and Bar
Toe Walking Orthoses

Toe Walking Orthoses

With a referral from your Physiotherapist or Medical Practitioner we manage Idiopathic Toe Walking with several orthoses. Carbon Fibre Toe Plates may be the initial prescription if the toe walking is mild to moderate. If more severe AFO’s with night stretching straps or Serial Casting may be recommended.

Carbon Fibre 
Toe Plate
Serial Casting
Night Stretching AFO's
Carbon Fibre Toe Plates
Information Fact Sheets

DDH - Fact Sheet

Plagiocephaly - Looking After Your Babies Head and Hips 
Metatarsus Adductus - Fact Sheet 
Clubfoot – Ponseti Method - Information Sheet 
Clubfoot Booklet - Information & Inspiration for parents of children born with Clubfoot

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