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Latest Foot Orthotic Technology now in Geelong

Geelong Orthotics have recently installed the Orthema CAD-CAM foot orthotic technology

Following your foot assessment we scan your feet with a computerised measuring digitiser that transforms your footprint into a file that can be manipulated using specialised software. Once your foot scans have been modified on the computer by a trained orthotist we transfer the file to our onsite Orthema manufacturing Mill.

Advantages of the Orthema system are:

· Reduced waiting times for orthoses - same day if pre-arranged

· Significantly reduced cost for extra pairs of orthoses

· Accurate Repeatability for repeat Orthoses

· Removal of plaster casts, foot scans are stored on our on-site computer system for future reference

· Same day (1 hour) turn-around time if you require your orthoses Urgently – example, for managing stress fractures

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