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KAFO’s are specialised, custom made orthoses incorporating control at the Foot, Ankle and Knee joints. Often prescribed for people with neuromuscular conditions like Poliomyelits or Paralysis. With improved gait, stability, and independence KAFO’s can offer an improved quality of life.


Traditional KAFO's

Traditional KAFO’s use metal uprights, leg bands covered with leather, knee joints that can be manually locked or unlocked and attached into sockets added to footwear.


Stance Control Knee Joints

Stance Control knee joints are the newest technology for use in KAFO”s. The Knee joints automatically lock while the leg is in contact the ground, providing safety and stability and unlock when the leg is swinging forward, dramatically improving the walking pattern, efficiency and reducing energy expenditure.


Plastic or Carbon Fibre KAFO's

Plastic or carbon Fibre KAFO’s are lighter, lower profile and more cosmetic. Shell’s designs distribute pressure or controlling forces over a larger surface area.

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